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What areas are covered? There’s the new CEO of Imagination, Intel winning a packaging contract, a Yamaha digital saxophone, the possibility of a Qualcomm phone and Micron disputing DRAM patents…

5. Imagination gets CEO
Simon Beresford-Wylie (pictured) is to become CEO of Imagination. Beresford-Wylie was previously Chief Executive of Arqiva, a provider of communications, broadcast and media services. Prior to Arqiva he was Global Executive Advisor and Executive Vice President to the Networks Business Unit of Samsung Electronics. Beresford-Wylie has also been founding CEO of Nokia Siemens Networks, and a member of the Group Executive Board of Nokia Corporation (2005 – 2009). He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Vitec Group (2006 – 2013).

4. US DoD gives Intel packaging contract
The US Department of Defense has awarded Intel the second phase of its State-of-the-Art Heterogeneous Integration Prototype (SHIP) programme. The SHIP program enables the U.S. government to access Intel’s semiconductor packaging capabilities in Arizona and Oregon. The project is executed by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, and administered by the National Security Technology Accelerator. SHIP is sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and funded by the Trusted and Assured Microelectronics programme.

3. Gadget Watch: Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone
Hmmm. I don’t know quite what to make of this – a Digital Saxophone, from Yamaha. The YDS-150, to be precise. Yes, there is such a thing. ‘Does it play itself?’ was my first question, and the answer is no. But it does let you control the volume, enabling you practice anywhere without disturbing people. And with an associated app you can also adjust the tone and fingering options. In terms of volume, it supports 15 gradations, and you can connect a set of headphones to play in total silence. So if you want to be the next Clarence Clemens you can always “turn it up to 15”!

2. Qualcomm to make phone
According to Digitimes, Qualcomm is to make a phone. The phone will be for gaming and will be made in conjunction with Asus. The phone is thought to be likely to use the upcoming 5nm Snapdragon 875. Asus makes its ROG (Republic of Gamers) phones specifically for gamers so is a natural for Qualcomm to hook up with. Gaming phones have a high display refresh rate and enhanced cooling.

1. Micron looking at ChangXin DRAM patent infringement
ChangXin Memory, China’s only DRAM company, could be the next Chinese chip company to be denied chip manufacturing equipment from firms controlled by the US. It is reported by Digitimes that Micron has indicated to DRAM module makers that ChangXin ICs infringe Micron patents. It was Micron’s lawsuit for stealing trade secrets against another Chinese DRAM maker Fujian Jin Hua which led the US government to put a ban on the sale of US-controlled production equipment to the company.



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