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What are the topics covered? There’s the US Space Force awarding contracts, SpaceX enlarging its Starlink constellation, a special pizza, UK plans to provide alternative sources to Huawei for telecoms and SIA asking Washington for $37 billion of funding for its semiconductor industry…

5. US Space Force selects Northrop Grumman to provide next-gen missile warning satellites
Northrop Grumman, the American aerospace and defence technology specialist, has won a contract to provide the hardware for the first two United States Space Force (USSF) polar-orbiting space vehicles. US Space Force selects Northrop Grumman to provide next-gen missile warning satellites. The contract, awarded by the USSF, is worth up to $2.37 billion. It will be for design and development work in Phase 1 of the Next-Generation OPIR (Overhead Persistent Infrared) Polar programme.

4. SpaceX enlarges Starlink constellation with deployable visors
It’s been a busy week for SpaceX. Following on from the Crew Dragon trip to the International Space Sstation, the company has confirmed the successful deployment of another 60 Starlink satellites. Falcon 9 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station yesterday, on what is the eighth Starlink mission. Following stage separation, SpaceX landed Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Just Read the Instructions” droneship, which was stationed in the Atlantic Ocean, said the company.

3. Sandvik cooks ‘world’s fastest pizza’ to demonstrate resistor alloy
Sandvik makes commercial heating elements from an iron-chromium-aluminium alloy called Kanthal AF, which works up to 1300°C and is intended for use in thing like toasters, hair dryers, heaters and ceramic hobs. To demonstrate this metal wound into porcupine form – elements usually used in hot air guns, radiators and tumble dryers – the company built what it claims is the worlds fastest pizza oven. The oven used eight Kanthal AF porcupine elements running at 900°C, plus reflectors several reflectors to smooth the distribution of heat for uniform baking.

2. UK D10 plan to provide alternatives to Huawei
The UK has come up with a plan to provide alternative sources to China for telecoms, pharmaceuticals and other key supplies. The government has proposed to Washington a plan to form a D10 group of ten democracies – the G7 plus India, Korea and Australia – to create alternative sources of supply of 5G and other goods. Funnelling resources to Ericsson and Nokia and companies involved in the O-RAN initiative are possible routes that the D10 might take on 5G.

1. US putting $37bn into semiconductors
The SIA has asked Washington for $37 billion for R&D, to build a fab and to provide funds for states wanting to give incentives to get semiconductor investment, according to the Wall Street Journal. The aim is to match China in its state investment in semiconductors. $5 billion of the $37 billion would be spent on a fab to be built and run by Intel; $15 billion would go to states to incentivise local investment; $17 billion would go to R&D split between $5 billion for fundamental research, $7 billion for applied research and $5 billion for a technology centre.


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