Most Read articles – Qualcomm CEO, Mannerisms Fable, Cobham

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What are the most popular topics covered? There’s a Texas Instruments gate driver, CEVA’s acquisition of Hillcrest Labs, Qualcomm’s CEO, a Mannerisms Fable and private equity company buying Cobham…

5. Chip drives 200V GaN half-bridge at up to 50MHz
Texas Instruments has introduced a gate driver that can drive a 200V half-bridge pair of GaN transistors at up to 50MHz. Called LMG1210, it is designed to work with enhancement mode GaN and has a 10ns propagation delay. “The device provides a low switch-node capacitance of 1 pF, with user-adjustable dead-time control which helps improve efficiency,” according to Mouser.

4. CEVA buys Hillcrest Labs
CEVA has bought Hillcrest Labs, the sensor processing specialist, from InterDigital. Hillcrest Labs’ MotionEngine software supports a broad range of merchant sensor chips and is licensed to OEMs and semiconductor companies that can run the software on CEVA DSPs or a variety of RISC CPUs, including Arm Cortex-M and A series and RISC-V based cores.

3. Nerves Of Steel
Qualcomm seems to prevail against all the odds. There was the extraordinarily protracted and expensive lawsuit with Nokia. The extraordinarily protracted and expensive lawsuit with Apple. Billions of dollars of fines from Europe, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China…

2. The Co-Founder Who Fell Asleep While Founding A Chip Company [Mannerisms]
Like so many chip companies, Inmos got founded in a bar. Iann Barron, co-founder of Inmos recalls in The Inmos Saga how he first met co-founder Dick Petritz. Both men were at a conference of the International Federation of Information Processing Societies in Toronto.

1. Advent buys Cobham
UK defence and aerospace contractor Cobham has been bought by US private equity fund Advent for £4 billion. Cobham has been struggling to get back on track after incurring very large debts on takeovers. It needed a £500 million rights issue when it ran into trouble on a USAF contract.

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