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Electronics Weekly has joined forces with Doulos and Chipless to discuss the IoT and security. Aspects of the webinar will be demonstrated using STM32 secure hardware from STMicroelectronics.

It’s a one-hour webinar taking place on Thursday 7 December 2017 at 10-11am (GMT).

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The Internet of Things is already changing the way that products are designed and indeed how businesses operate. So, if you are involved with connected technology you need to understand how to overcome the challenges it brings.

This webinar will help you to understand the constraints and challenges of the IoT and looks in particular at security and how to build secure IoT systems.


Specifically, the webinar will examine:

  • 1. What is the IoT?
    – Connected Embedded
  • 2. Why is the IoT different from that which came before?
    – Engineering Challenges of the IoT
    – Challenges in combination
  • 3. Robustness, Safety, Security, Privacy and Integrity
    – Why they’re not the same; why they all matter.
  • 4. The challenge of Security
    – So many things can go wrong
    – Worked example
  • 5. What can be done to address security?
    – Guidance is available from multiple organisations (organisations and publications)
    – Introduction to IoT Security Foundation material (make it safe to connect, best practice guides)


The presenter is Roger Shepherd, a Cyber Security Consultant and Founder of Chipless Ltd. (one of the organisations that established the IoT Security Foundation in 2015).

Roger has worked in the electronics industry for 38 years and, as well as IoT Security, he specialises in Computer & Systems Architecture and Parallel Systems & Processors.

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